Oil giant loses in court again - Houston man cheated by Halliburton
Jury Awards $70M Against Halliburton A jury has awarded $70 million to a Houston man who claimed that Halliburton and another oil company cheated him out of the chance to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s. Scott Van Dyke and his company, Anglo Dutch Tenge, sued the Halliburton and Ramco Oil in 2000. A jury found in favor of Van Dyke's company on Friday.

Van Dyke's attorney John O'Quinn said his client was promised a concession for an oil field near the Caspian Sea when he met the Turkish president. Halliburton contacted him in 1997 and signed a confidentiality agreement not to disclose data that Van Dyke allowed the company to review, O'Quinn said. After opting not to invest, Halliburton located another company with ties to the Kazakhstan government and bought the field out from under Van Dyke, according to the lawsuit.
Yet another chink in the battered armor of Halliburton. Can't these guys do anything without cheating?


Halliburton, Again and again, and again - - - - when does it end?

UPDATE: Richard Cheney is an evil bloodsucking black hole from which there is no escape
and the root cause of every bad idea from the misleader. And that is saying something.

Halliburton Corporation and it's various subsidiaries are under fire for various illegal and questionable activities around the globe and at home: The former Cheney led Corporation has been granted "prior immunity" by the President. WE do know that Halliburton is making huge amounts of money feasting at the public trough on no bid taxpayer funded government contracts despite the fact that Halliburton:
1) pled guilty to a felony paid a 1.2 million dollar fine
2) moved ops to overseas tax shelters to avoid millions in taxes
3) over charged on million dollars of contracts at home and abroad
4) offered to settle fraud lawsuits by stockholders for 6 million dollars.
5) admitted to illegal bribes in Nigeria
6) paid Dick Cheney 40 million dollars and continues to pay Cheney
7) is under SEC Investigation for questionable accounting practices.
8) Gives hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions to Republicans only.
9) Is under investigation for illegal activities in France.
Despite these violations of law and trust Cheney's company is raking in big bucks to make the oil flow.
This blog is dedicated to exposing the incredible felony record of the Halliburton Corporation and it's continuing ties to Vice-President Richard Cheney, the Republican Party, and George W. Bush. Check back often because there are new revelations almost every week. Here are the most recent developments:

"Halliburton said in response to the Congressional letter last week that it charges $1.59 to a gallon for its gasoline imports, which includes the 2 percent profit margin. In a fax, the Iraqi marketing organization's general manager, Mohammed al-Jibouri, said that gasoline from Turkey costs $347 a metric ton delivered to Baghdad, which he said translates to about 98 cents a gallon."
That's 61 cents a gallon more or 31% more from Halliburton and that is on 700 million dollars worth of gas or 217 million dollars ripped off by Halliburton. 217 BILLION IS A BUNCH OF PENNIES

Is Halliburton guilty of Iraqi gas gouging?
Congressmen accuse Halliburton of "highway robbery."

Iraq has a lot of crude oil. Before the war, this was the one point that both the administration and its fiercest critics agreed on. Everyone had a different theory about what would happen to the oil in the event of war -- the administration promised that Iraq's resources would pay for its redevelopment, while the critics argued that the oil money would fill the coffers of Western corporations -- but people saw eye to eye on one incontrovertible fact: A Saddam-free Iraq would be an endless source of cheap gas.

But gasoline in Iraq is not cheap and this might surprise you - you've been paying for it! According to a study by Reps. Henry Waxman and John Dingell, a gallon of gas sold in Iraq costs American taxpayers $1.59, and possibly as much as $1.70. In the rest of the Middle East, gas costs half that amount; even in Toledo, Ohio gasoline's cheaper than it is in Baghdad.

Why is getting gasoline to oil-rich Iraq costing Americans so much money? The congressmen have a one-word, obvious answer: Halliburton.
Army, Halliburton Deny Iraq Fuel Price Allegation-
But declined to disclose how much it had paid for gasoline or what the delivery cost was.
A Halliburton Inc. subsidiary responsible for importing and distributing fuel in Iraq has done nothing improper, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said yesterday.

In passing the president's request for aid to rebuild Iraq yesterday, the Senate cut $200 million in spending on fuel. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who co-sponsored the cut, cited a recent Congressional Research Service report that the administration may have inflated projections of the cost of petroleum products by as much as $249 million.

In a statement Dave Lesar, Halliburton's chief executive, called the Waxman-Dingell overcharging claim "inaccurate, misleading and unwarranted." But the company declined to disclose how much it had paid for gasoline or what the delivery cost was.
Cheney has 18 to 87 million invested in the Vanguard Group
One of 10 largest Shareholders in Halliburton - holdings worth 176million
So bold was his defense that last week Bushist minions called on critics to issue a formal apology to the poor maligned unelected multimillionaire war profiteer (and former business partner of Saddam Hussein). But even granting the ludicrous assumption that Cheney was actually telling the truth about the fact that his deferred earnings are insured and that profits from 400,000 stock options will go to charity-- which only involves chump change of a few hundred thousand dollars, after all -- the fact is that Halliburton is using a back door to fill its former chief's coffers with millions in blood money pumped directly from the corpses of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

This profitable arrangement was found hiding in plain sight last week by investigator Maggie Burns of the Progressive Populist. While the media mandarins were gulping soap, Burns committed the increasingly rare act of journalism by checking out Cheney's financial disclosure forms. These show that Cheney has a minimum of $18 million invested in The Vanguard Group, a leading mutual fund. (Given the deliberately vague, vast ranges of the "disclosure" forms, this nest-egg could be as high as $87 million. We mere mortals are not meant to know).

Vanguard, as it happens, is the 10th-largest shareholder in -- oh, you guessed already! -- Halliburton. The fund owns 7.6 million shares in the firm, worth about $176 million. Thus any government contract that swells Halliburton's bottom line does indeed pour war profits straight into Cheney's bulging bank accounts. No amount of soap can wash away that fact. Meanwhile, five of the other top 10 shareholders in Halliburton have big bucks parked with our old friends The Carlyle Group, where George Bush Sr. hangs out his shingle as a pricey corporate shill (and former bin Laden business partner). So Bush family coffers are definitely not forgotten when Halliburton goes to war.
So it is undeniably true that money for HALLIBURTON is money for CHENEY - as if we did not know that already. When will the Senate IMPEACH this theif? Visit Rush Limbaughtomy today for more on the Halliburton Theives

Inventor of Hydraulic Fracturing that poisons groundwater.

HYDRAULIC FRACTURING is not an activity with which most people are familiar, but those in the oil and gas business know it well. Hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of diesel fuel, hydrochloric acid, water, sand or other substances into the ground, in order to facilitate the extraction of oil or natural gas.

The thought of what could happen to underground water supplies when diesel fuel and other poisonous-sounding substances are injected into the ground continues to worry people, and there is some evidence that they are right to be worried. In Alabama, where the technique is widely used, the owners of a water well believed their water had been poisoned by the practice (a "black jelled substance" started coming out of the tap, according to one of lawyers involved). They filed a lawsuit and won, forcing the EPA to regulate the practice more strictly in that state, and opening up the possibility of regulation elsewhere.

A clause contained in the House version of a currently pending energy bill and slated to appear in the final legislation will simply lift the issue out of the reach of federal regulators altogether. That will end the debate. It will also help out a small group of powerful oil and gas companies, among them Halliburton, the company that invented hydraulic fracturing. In another context, it might be possible to nod at the House Energy and Commerce committee's claim that the states do a perfectly good job of regulating hydraulic fracturing and that there is no need for federal legislation. Given the context --a pork-laden energy bill chock full of perks for the oil and gas industry and the deep involvement of the vice president's former company, it just isn't possible to take the "states' rights" rhetoric seriously. It behooves Congress to bend over backward to avoid the appearance of favoritism.
Just a few of the illegal and questionable activities of HALLIBURTON.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has two pieces of lowered pie from the "prosperity is just around the far distant almost visible corner squatters" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
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Cronyism in US contracts clouds fundraising:

If you're writing out checks, please make sure to spell Halliburton with two 'l's

The Republican Congress and Senate may buy it but the world does not. Other nations are not blind to what is happening here and in IRAQ where obscene amount of money are being ripped off by Bush cronies and Cheney's Halliburton.
A recent political ad campaign highlighting corruption and cronyism in US contracts awarded to rebuild Iraq takes a shot at a major corporation with ties to the White House. According to the facetious political slogan aired on US television, international donors were offered a piece of unsolicited advice: "If you're writing out checks, make sure to spell Halliburton with two 'l's".

The huge US-based energy conglomerate, once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, has received more than US$2 billion in contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq. But what is outrageous, say analysts, is that Halliburton was awarded $1.2 billion in contracts on a non-competitive basis, shutting out all other contractors.

"If the US has abandoned the concept of transparency, which it so assiduously preaches to others, how do you expect international donors to dig deep into their pockets to help in the reconstruction of Iraq?" asks one Asian diplomat.

A second major US company, Bechtel Corporation - with close ties to the administration of President George W Bush - has also come under fire for various irregularities relating to Iraqi contracts. Clifford George Mumm, a senior Bechtel official in Baghdad, has denied any irregularities in the 105 sub-contracts that the firm has signed with Iraqi companies.

But Henry Waxman, a congressman from the State of California, has accused the Bush administration of wasting billions of dollars in contracts with Halliburton and Bechtel "when Iraqi companies could do the work for less".

Last Thursday, the New York Times reported that two senior Democratic congressmen were questioning if Halliburton was overcharging the US government for supplying gasoline in Iraq. In a letter to the White House Office of Management and Budget, Waxman and Representative John Dingell of Michigan said, "The overcharging by Halliburton is so extreme that one expert has privately called it 'highway robbery'."


Arab boycott lifts Halliburton from blacklist


The Syrian-based Arab boycott of Israel office has taken US Vice President Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, and Citigroup off its blacklist.

The Central Boycott Office's report, which was made available to The Associated Press on Monday, said four branches of U.S. steelmaker, The Timken Co., in France, Italy, Romania and Poland have also been removed from the list.

The Cairo-based Arab League has received a copy of the report. The boycott office said the companies had "settled" outstanding issues. It did not elaborate.

The 52-year-old boycott office once blacklisted more than 8,500 companies and people for dealing with Israel.

But its influence has waned considerably over the past two decades as Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel, the Palestinians embarked on a now-faltering peace process and several Gulf states started ignoring it.

Houston-based Halliburton is the US government's sole contractor working in Iraq to restore its petroleum industry with $1.4 billion of contracts and to import petroleum products while the system is being repaired.

On Thursday, representatives of 18 Arab countries recommended in Damascus that the boycott was the best way to push Israel to work for Middle East peace.

Arab League members Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania and Comoros did not attend the five-day meeting.

The report said the boycott office added the names of 34 ships and tankers to its black list for violating boycott rules and lifted the names of 10 others.

Halliburton warns on earnings

Big oilfield service company Halliburton, based in Houston, said that it expects to report Oct. 29 diluted earnings per share from continuing operations of at least 27 cents per share in the 2003 third quarter, down from its previous estimate of at least 32 cents per share.

The company attributed the revision to lower than expected operating results from joint ventures, and a significant increase in legal fees recorded during the third quarter.

Gee I guess fraud, bribery, accounting, over-charging, and price gouging does have a legal downside afterall. $.05 a share

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Exclusive: Richard Cheney's cave hideaway - This is the lair of the strangler

THIS is the cave where killer Richard Cheney spent days living
Sadistic Cheney, now serving a life sentence for the murder of gay cinema worker Ian Webster, went on the run to this North Yorkshire hideaway before finally handing himself in to police. The 29-year-old – jailed on Thursday for strangling and dumping Mr Webster, in the River Aire in Leeds last year – later said he gave himself up because he was feeling the urge to kill again.
Homophobic killer a bizarro twin of the Vice-President? A duplicate evil in Great Britain?

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Business as usual in the US Senate

Senators vote to allow Dick Cheney to keep ill-gotten Halliburton half-million.

Vote validates Halliburton financial ties to Cheney and the Senates self serving proclivity to keep Senators and VP in profits.

The Senate rejected efforts on Tuesday to keep Vice President Dick Cheney from collecting $500,000 that he is scheduled to receive from Halliburton Corp. this year. By a vote of 65 to 34, the Senate voted to set aside an amendment that would have prevented Cheney, who led the Houston-based energy firm from 1995 to 2000, from receiving the deferred compensation. It also would have forced the former Wyoming congressman to sell 400,000 options to buy stock in the firm.

The amendment was part of a multi-pronged attack by Democrats against Halliburton and Cheney, who represented Wyoming from 1979 to 1989. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., sent a letter to the Bush administration this week in which he charged that Halliburton was manipulating the price of exported Iraqi oil. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., tried to attach the amendment to a bill, S 1689, that would provide $87 billion to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to rebuild Iraq. The proposal includes $65.6 billion in military funding and $20.3 billion for the reconstruction of Iraq.

The Senate never actually voted on the amendment, but rather voted on whether to continue debating the issue. Lautenberg was disappointed that a majority of his fellow senators voted to set aside his amendment. "What we were asking is that if a high ranking official has a financial interest in a company that company should not be allowed to get contracts that benefit that high ranking official," Lautenberg said. "It's pretty simple and obvious."

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., and other Republicans leapt to Cheney's defense. Enzi was furious that the amendment was clearly directed at the vice president. "I think it is pure politics," Enzi said while standing in a hallway a few feet from the Senate floor. "It was the worst personal attack on an individual that I have seen since I have been a member of the Senate." Enzi, who was a member of the Senate during the effort to impeach President Bill Clinton, was equally vehement in his criticism during a speech on the Senate floor.

"This (amendment) tries to take a 'stealth' approach to the matter, but in fact, its real purpose is pretty obvious," Enzi said. "I don't think anyone will be fooled by it because we all know who it is directed against. Back in my home state of Wyoming, a lot of people who know Dick Cheney will be surprised to see the Senate using its valuable time in what some might see as a witch hunt against the vice president."

Enzi noted that Cheney has put his assets in a blind trust, which means that he has handed over the day-to-day management of them to someone else. He also noted that Cheney has promised to donate after-tax proceeds from the exercise of his Halliburton stock options to the Capital Partners for Education, the George Washington University Medical Facility Associates and the University of Wyoming.

"No serious minded individual who belongs to any political party really believes this amendment is necessary or needed," Enzi said. "It must be withdrawn and an apology extended to both the vice president and the president for its promotion." Lautenberg neither withdrew the amendment nor proffered an apology.

Lautenberg was a successful businessman before being elected to the Senate in 1982. He retired in 2000, but chose to run again in 2002 after the Democratic incumbent Robert Torricelli chose not to run again because of a financial scandal. Lautenberg, whose father was a immigrant silk mill worker, transformed his company, Automatic Data Processing, from a three-man business into a world leader in processing paychecks.

When asked if he was afraid that his amendment would prevent business men like him from entering politics or devoting their efforts to public service, Lautenberg responded: "When I got here I learned an old adage: 'If you want to make a small fortune, come to Washington with a big fortune.'" Although the amendment was set aside, the Democratic attacks on Cheney and Halliburton are likely to continue.